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Heart Health facts that you need to know

Heart Health facts that you need to know

If you have a family history of heart disease or due to your current health, you could be at high risk of heart attack we have some simple every day advice that could help you look after one of your most important muscles, your heart.

What you can do at home:

1.Get active

Get moving- there are so many benefits for participating in moderate exercise on a regular basis. Staying active helps to maintain a healthy weight, gets your heart rate up which will also help to strengthen your heart and make you feel better overall.

2.Healthy weight

Keeping within your healthy weight range for your height and age will ensure that there is no excess fat deposits around your organs which forces your heart to work too hard.

3.Have a wide variety of healthy foods

Ensuring you and your family are eating a wide variety of healthy foods can assist with controlling weight and therefore lessons the strain on your heart. Understanding food labels and what they mean can be key to ensuring a diet of healthy foods. Packaged food can contain hidden sugars, salts and fats which you may not be aware of.

4.Check into your mental state

Be aware of how you feel and check in with yourself and the people around you, people who are suffering from depression have a higher instance of heart disease. Laughter is the best medicine. If you feel sad, low or depressed for a consistent and long period of time please talk to someone or give us a call so we can help you.

5.Don’t smoke

Smoking affects your heart by narrowing the arteries which in turn reduces blood flow to and from the heart which will also reduce the amount of Oxygen that is available to the blood supply and therefore the heart.

How the G.P can help you:

1.Keep your cholesterol under control

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that moves throughout our bodies by our blood. Like anything there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Having a high cholesterol diet leads to the fatty substance not moving around the body but sticking to the artery walls and blocking them, this causes the blood to not be able to move around the body which forces the heart to work harder and can lead to a heart attack. Your G.P can help you to monitor your cholesterol.

2.Manage your blood pressure

Naturally our blood pressure goes up and down according to what we are doing at the time, however a condition called high blood pressure is diagnosed when your blood pressure stays consistently high, putting strain on your heart. Blood pressure is the measure of the pressure on the walls of your arteries.


If you have either type of Diabetes (1, 2 or Gestational) we can help you to manage your Diabetes correctly to prevent any damage to your heart.

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