Fatty Liver is a desease that can often go undiagnosed for some time as it developes slowly over an extended period of time. It is not simply caused by eating fatty foods; it is usually associated with health problems such as obesity, High blood Cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and heavy alcohol use

Your liver always has some fat in it, but if more than 10 percent of your liver is consisted of fat, that is when you would be diagnosed with fatty liver.

Fatty Liver is often detected via routine blood testing or imaging, most people do not even know they have fatty liver as it is not a desease that is associated with pain. If fatty liver is left unchecked and unmanaged it can cause scarring of the liver and seriously affect liver function. So if you are a person with any of the aforementioned conditions it is important to make sure you contact your doctor and request a blood test to check your liver function.